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Salute to the 7th Conference of Communist Party of Greece (Marxist – Leninist)


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 15th March 2010


Salute to the 7th Conference of Communist Party of Greece (Marxist – Leninist)


      Dear comrades,

On behalf of the (new) Italian Communist Party I send you warm greetings and I wish you could do the best work in your 7th Conference.

Your Conference is taking place in an important moment for Greece and for the world. In Greece PASOK government took wild measures against people’s masses in order to satisfy bankers, rich people and financiers’ needs, and Greek people’s masses developed many initiatives of protest and revolt. In the world the terminal phase of the second general crisis for absolute overproduction of capital is taking millions of victims and hotbeds of resistance and protest are numerous. Few weeks ago the (new) Italian Communist Party held its first Congress that gave a well determined, stable and authoritative direction to the Party, and besides it approved its Manifesto Program and the Statute. So the Party also defined the promoting centre of the New Power which establishment is the outcome of Revolutionary Protracted People’s War our Party promotes and directs here in Italy.

Proud as we are of this little but decisive outcome, we wish your Conference could give a significant contribution to the new birth of the communist movement. Concretely, we wish it could contribute to remove the two main obstacles for this new birth. One is dogmatism, which reduces our doctrine to the repetition of formulas without significance, as they are not related to the concrete situation. The other is economism, which hides from the masses the main and strategic goal that makes their struggle fertile: the establishment of socialism for building the communist society. The crisis the world is going through is not a cyclical crisis as those Marx analyzed. It is the second general crisis of capitalism that entered its imperialist phase. Cyclical crises were occurring mainly in economical ground and anyone of them had its solution in it: a cyclical crisis did not necessarily involve a political change. On the contrary, the general crisis of capitalism cannot be solved only by economical measures. It will be solved only by a great political change, in each country and on international level: or revolution or war or some combination of the two. The ones who base themselves on economism and the dogmatic ones adapt their work neither to this characteristic of the situation we are going through nor, more generally, to the teachings of the first wave of proletarian revolution. This is the main reason why their work is barren: the masses do not follow them in this way that already showed itself disastrous. In this phase the immediate outcomes of claiming struggles are often narrow or void. Claiming struggles are indispensable, but their main role is to be a school of Communism and their main outcome is the contribution to build socialist revolution. This one is not like bourgeois revolutions. It does not break out because the masses are subjected to exceptional sufferings by the ruling class. It has to be built by the Communist Party campaign by campaign, with battles and tactical operations, as a real war: the revolutionary protracted people’s war.

The concrete situation obliges Communists to adopt the strategy of revolutionary protracted people’s war. We wish your 7th Conference make easier, more conscious and faster the evolution of the conscious and organize communist movement towards a just and fruitful strategy.

We shall complete the work our fathers tried to do, for which they did so many heroic deeds, for which they gave us a rich experience, which anyway they were not able to complete. Antifascist Resistance has been the best experience Italian people has had. Greek people have a much richer historical experience of antifascist struggle than Italian people. We wish that your 7th Conference lead you to valorise that experience and that, by its teachings, could make fertile the work you are carrying out in the storm of the new general crisis of capitalism.

We wish you could do a good work, comrades! See you in the future Communist International!


The General Secretary of the (new) Italian Communist Party.





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